Himatangi Beach Community Committee Minutes

Wednesday 19th September 2018 at 7.30 pm

Himatangi Beach Community Hall

Present: Marty O’Fee (Chair),  Brian Rosvall., Chris Rosvall

In Attendance:  Councillor Phil Marsh, Alec Mackay & Judy Douglas

No. Item   Action (who)
1   Chair welcomed everyone to meeting  
1.1 Apologies Apologies were received from Reuben Ebrey, Brian Pinker, & Councillor Howard Voss

That the apologies be accepted.

Moved;   Chris       Seconded: Brian

1.2 Confirmation of Minutes  That the minutes from the previous meeting held on
15th August 2018 be accepted as a true and correct record.

Moved:  Marty       Seconded: Brian

1.3 Matters Arising Decision made to not use Dwyer Tech Services for Entranceway design manufacture.  
1.4 Correspondence Inward

·         email from Janine Hawthorne re funds available. We now have enough funding available to complete the BBQ area and the Entranceway signage.

·         emails from Wayne re Norwoods Staff volunteers day. The team from Norwoods  between them, painted three bus shelets, stained all our outdoor furniture in the Parks, cleared the beach of rubbish and planted the dunes with natives.

·         Quote from Higgins for concrete slab for BBQ shelter. We have been quoted a great price for the concrete slab in the new BBQ project.

·         Quote for surfacing tennis court – Dream Courts has quoted $50,782.00 plus $3818 for hoops etc.

·         Invitation from Bainesse/Rangiotu CC to Himatangi Beach CC to attend a coffee & cake evening on Wednesday 26th September.


·         Higgins – Thankyou for quote

·         Emails to Wayne re Norwoods team day. Also  a  ‘Thank You’ letter to the Norwoods staff for the amazing input they invested in our village.





2 General Business Items for Approval / Information

·         Norwoods community day – a great success

·         Future Communty Committee meetings format . This will be discussed at October meeting due to low numbers in attendance in September.

·         Waitangi Day celebrations. No discussion.

·         Creek direction changes. The creek has been diverted but locals feel that the next king tide will undo all work achieved.

·         Dune welfare / planting. Norwood staff and locals have planted thousands of plants and fertilized area as advised by Peter Shore from MDC









2.2 Finances ·         Community Projects fund  $10,620.00

·         Donations  $300.00

·          Signage   $15,000 

Accounts to be passed for payment

·         Higgins for Base for BBQ

·         BBQ cover from Aberdeen carport





2.2 Community Plan Subcommittee Reports Update on Entranceway

Final planning in progress.

Update on BBQ area

BBQ operational, lighting great. Cover to be ordered and

erected, then concrete base poured. Trees will then be


Update on Patrol Garage

No update.

Security cameras.

No discussion

Update on sand dune planting

Great turnout by locals for planting on Sunday 16th Sept.

With Norwoods staff assistance earlier it meant all planting

and fertilizing was completed. Thanks to all.

Matariki/Queens birthday weekend

CC Fundraiser hangi to be introduced – no discussion.

Due to low numbers at Sept meeting, the following will be

discussed at October meeting.

CC Sub committees to be set up for

1.     Community Liaison

2.     Community Development

3.     Community Hall

4.     Community Patrol

5.     Civil Defence

6.     Event Management

7.     Health and Safety

8.     Fundraising

9.     Reserve




3 Council Matters    
3.1 Councillor Update


Councillor Phil Marsh reported on the following:

–  Ward changes and how they will affect our community.

–  District Plan, dunes welfare and signage.

–  Use of Skipe for council meetings.

–  Long Term Plan – in place for next 10 years.

–  Community Development & Events Fund – Applications

close on 30th September.

–  Harmonised rate for drainage.

A new resident present spoke of how well she had been welcomed into the area, and how, when needing help or information the MDC had been so good to deal with. Nothing too much trouble and all friendly and helpful.

She also said how impressed she had been with the Higgins workers and the work they did in the village and asked who was responsible for cleaning up thr broken glass in the recycling centre.







Bouquet to MDC

3.2 Other Matters Acacia in dunes and village

Discussion re the importance of removal of Acacia from the area. It has become a huge problem in beach area up North and now is threatening to do the same here. The small plants in the Reserve last year have grown to more that 12ft high and each season are covered with seeds that are spread everywhere in the wind. As seen on the dunes, they take over sandy land very quickly and grow to great height and width in size. We would like the MDC to remove Acacia from the Reserve, on opposite stream banks, on dunes and all other council owned property in Himatangi Beach please.

Surf Club

Alec McKay advised that the new club captain was Lizzie, and the club would be competing at 90 mile beach.

He gave an account on what the team would be up against.

Alec enquired when we would be proceeding with the area behind the community hall as he still had the safety glass, wood etc and would like to see the project move forward.

He also reported on the rust problems with the Surf clubrooms. Mostly problems showing up on the outside of the building (rails and pipes) but on inside as well.

He reported club fundraising to purchase a new IRB needed to take place each year and some asistance was given from MDC for payment of lifesavers.






Carl Johnstone







James Adamson

  Meeting Closed

Next Meeting


Wednesday   October 2019



  1. Due to a low number of committee members attending this meeting, decisions to pass accounts etc shall be made by email so projects can continue to move forward. Votes will be taken and decisions ratified at October meeting.