Himatangi Beach Community Committee Minutes

Wednesday 17th October 2018 at 7.30 pm

Himatangi Beach Community Hall

Present: Marty O’Fee (Chair), Chris Rosvall, Brian Pinker, Reuben Ebrey, Sylvia Kavannahg

In Attendance:  Mayor Helen Worboys, Deputy Mayor Michael Ford, Councillor Phil Marsh, Alec Mackay,(PNSLC), Renee van de Weert, Rene van de Weert & Judy Douglas

No. Item   Action (who)
1   Chair welcomed everyone to meeting and extended a special welcome to Mayor Helen Worboys and Deputy Mayor Michael Ford.

The Chair invited Mayor Helen to address the meeting  on the future of Feilding’s town centre. What do we want it to look like in the future? Cost of earthquaking -proofing is high and owners only have 15 years to complete necessary work. Attendees were invited to have an input and ideas were put forward for consideration. An enjoyable exercise for all.

1.1 Apologies Apologies were received from

Brian Rosvall.,Andrew Quarrie & Zane Ryan

That the apologies be accepted.

Moved; Marty        Seconded: Chris

1.2 Confirmation of Minutes  That the minutes from the previous meeting held on
19thSeptember 2018 be accepted as a true and correct record.
Moved: Marty     Seconded: Chris
1.3 Matters Arising Nil  
1.4 Correspondence Inward

·         email from Janine Hawthorne re funds

·         emails from Dwyer Tech re project

·         Quote from Roaches re concrete for entranceway

·         Quote from Metal Magic re project

·         Notification from Bainesse re change of meeting date.

·         email from Jef Graham re Civil Defence

·         email from MDC – Brittney Evans re “The Future of Feilding’s Town Centre – A Community Discussion 2018.”

·         emails from Cheryl and Matthew (MDC) re Himatangi Reserve Managemnet Plan

·         email from Janine Hawthorne – Indicators Aotearoa New Zealand – Ngā Tūtohu Aotearoa.


1.     Letter to Dwyer Tech

2.     emails to Bainesse CC re meeting.





2 General Business  Items for Approval / Information

·         Future Communty Committee meetings format to be confirmed.

·         Reserve Management Plan

·         Dune welfare / signage etc.

Additional Items

·         Water quality for Himatangi Beach residents

·         Resignation received from Sue Smith. Sue wishes to resign from both her  Community Committee and Civil Defence roles.









2.2 Finances ·          Currently a balance of $10,920 for projects in the 2018/2019 year plus $12,000 for the Village Entrance signage from MDC.plus $3,000 for Information Boards

·          Approved for payment  by emails =  Sheds 4U  – cover for BBQ’s  $7049.50

·          Awaiting account from Dwyer Tech for services etc.

·          Metal Magic will be producing cor-ten entranceway structure and Reuben and Titus will be doing the concrete plinth as well as the concrete slab under the BBQ.

Accounts for these shall need to be passed by email before the next meeting so payment can be made.






2.2 Community Plan Subcommittee Reports Update on Entranceway

Aim for completion by end of November. Lighting to be carried out at a later date.

Update on BBQ area

BBQ operational. Shelter ordered .Local Builders erecting.

Update on Patrol Garage

Building permit passed. Plans/permit for soak pit to be obtained, then slab can be poured. Delays very costly.

Rene reported that Labour weekend will be very ‘police orientated’ with members from Foxton, Feilding, Kimbolton and Bulls visiting to patrol the area. In the past we have been giving out warnings for unlicenced vehicles etc, but from now on traffic violation tickets will be issued.

Meeting with Rangiotu City to Sea committee

Great food but not very productive.

Security cameras in village

Patrol to ascertain what is required and report back to MDC. Rene to contact Jef Graham (Civil Defence) re radio and cameras as Civil Defence will come under the HB Patrol now.

Reserve Management Plan /including update on sand dunes

To arrange a meeting with Cheryl, Matthew and Peter to

discuss eradication of yucca and acacia plants, dune

planting, native tree planting along stream, relocation of

recycling centre etc. More spinifex plants are required for

the sand hill planting. Suggested we approach local schools

so students can assist with planting when plants on hand.

Matariki/Queens birthday weekend .

– CC Fundraiser hangi To be discussed at later date.

Changes to CC / Trust

Plans for Sub committees under Community committee to

be set up for the following:

·         Community Liaison

·         Community Development

·         Community Hall

·         Community Patrol

·         Civil Defence

·         Event Management

·         Health and Safety

·         Fundraising

Reuben spoke on the above and advised that he has already signed up for three groups. Need locals on board as volunteers when required, not to be on any committee unless they so wish.

In his ‘Community Liason ‘ role, Reuben has contacted members of the Fire Brigade and asked them how we can improve the village. Feedback listed below.

1)  Dog poo bins should be provided in Reserve and   southern walkway.

2)  Hanging rubbish bags are not being taken by rubbish man.

3)  Outside gym for summer months

4)  Signage for fire lane is old and dated and needs


5)  New subdivision concerns for access for fire brigade

6)  Skip bin for xmas

7)  Horsefloat poo is gross

8)  New horse entrance

9) Shade for playground over play equipment

10) Power supply for park for firemans football

11) Dumping of wood on beach out of stream is stupid as it just comes back

12) Wooden posts for tennis courts as metal ones rust too fast

13) Waste of time straightening creek.

14) Dont fix dunes. Let nature take its course

Discussion followed re the above. Plans to investigate turning southern beach access walkway (In Hunia Tce by Kawana Grove entrance) into a Bridle Track and have access to fresh water for horses etc Plenty of room for parking of horse floats.

Water Quality in Village

Cloudy tap water has caused concerns. MDC advised that the cause was most likely oxygen suspension and the water system has since been flushed. The large quality of water drawn off by the Fire Brigade to fight locals fires could have helped to cause issue.


Letter to be sent to Sue Smith thanking her for past services.




































David McMillan

3 Council Matters  
3.1 Councillor Update


Cnr Phil Marsh reported that the MDC Representation Review has resulted in there now being two MDC wards which will give ratepayers 5 Rural members and 5 Urban members. More proportionate representation than in past.


Mayor Helen reported that Feilding shops have been asked if, given the choice of opening on Easter Monday, would they want to. This has a provision that, if any staff do not wish to work, they don’t have to. Employees also do not have to give their employer a reason why they do not want to work.







3.2 Other Matters Surf Lifesaving Club

Alec reported that they have 12 new lifeguards.

The PNSLC recently gave a presentation to MDC to gain funding for summer.

Alec also gave a report on the team race at 90 Mile Beach which 38 Teams competed in recently.

He also reported that the PNSLC is fundraising for a new hull and motor. Paddle boards purchased.

Building Sports Programme.






  Meeting Closed

Next Meeting


Wednesday       November 2019




Enjoy your Labour weekend – weather is supposed to be beautiful and the tides are perfect.


The Future of Feilding’s Town Centre – A Community Discussion 2018

Council is looking to the community for its vision for the Feilding Town Centre for the next 20 years.

Take time to visit the MDC ‘Have your say’ website, and tell them about what you want to see the in future for Feilding’s Town Centre.