Himatangi Beach Community Committee Meeting

Thursday, 25 November 2021 at 7.00 pm

Himatangi Beach Community Hall

Present: Nigel Barker, Ursula Clark, Reuben Ebrey, Alice Ebrey, Helen Falkner, Lauretta Wallace, Liz Doody (arrived 1925), Judy Howatson, Kevin Kelliher, Penny Harrington, Marisa McGrath, Denise Bush, June Harris

Apologies: Sylvia Kavanagh, John Hodder, Alec McKay, Mayor Helen Worboys

Also in attendance: Councillor Stuart Campbell and Janine Hawthorn (Community Development Adviser, MDC).

No.Item Action (who)
1 Procedural Matters 
1.1Welcome  Each person in the room introduced themselves providing a bit of background information. 
1.2Nominations  Stuart Campbell called for nominations for Chairman and Secretary. Judy Howatson for Chair Alice Ebrey for Secretary The above nominations were accepted and confirmed by the members of the Himatangi Beach Community Committee.   
1.3Confirmation of Minutes from the Previous meetingMinutes from the previous Himatangi Beach Community Committee meeting held on 28 October 2021 read and correct.Reuben Ebrey Helen Faulkner
1.4CorrespondenceEmail from Janine re: Terms of reference Discussed time frames for Meeting Agenda Forms of Communicating to the community Shop WindowFacebook, Himatangi Hub, Community Committee page NO shows- 3 consecutive no shows with no apologies to be asked to leave.      Reuben to investigate HBCC Facebook page
1.5Matters ArisingRecycling Centre Expansion There is funds available to sort this. Community Committee to meet with Wiremu Green to discuss what the issue is and how it can be fixed. Date put forward Monday 29th November Barling Street Speed Cushions The issue is that the road is not fit for purpose, too narrows, requires widening. Current road edges crumbling. Committee agreed from reports speed is an issue. Discussed increase in traffic using Barling St since Sandown expansion. Paper road discussed if a second entry/exit would be viable. Vote put forward- we would decline short term solution of speed cushions and instead put forward a request to widen Barling Street with the addition of speed cushions/bumps put in at the same time. Himatangi Beach Road repairs Mayor Helen Worboys has passed this request on to the Roading Team who are discussing with Higgins. Signs at Beach Entrance Any missing signs or damaged signs can be passed onto the Maintenance Team at the council 323 0000. Let them know and they will sort it. This includes 30km signs along beach Discussed speeding on the beach- this is a police issue. Bollard Reflectors Carried over- Higgins are aware of job Footpaths They have previously been asked to be cleared of sand, this has been done partially, but not completed. Mayor Helen Worboys was discussing this issue today with Hamish Stormwater issues Photos from latest flood tabled Pump currently inefficient at job, not fit for purpose, ? if a maintenance issue or just not the right tool for the right job. Drain into dunes also blocked causing pump to have issues doing its job. Himatangi beach Stormwater is in the plan to be sorted within the next 12 months.    Janine- to get in touch with Wiremu and arrange time.         Submission to Annual Plan- April 2022                   Judy to contact
2 Items for Approval/Information 
2.1Finances  Balance of the Himatangi Beach Community Committee Project Fund for 2021/22 is $3,000.00. 
2.2Community PlanTo be reviewed at the February meeting. 
2.3Community Projects  Tennis Court Contractors have opened up fencing wire but not much else. Want to find out what exactly is planned. For this upgrade. Public Toilets Upgrade has started Skate Park Expected to commence in late November. Security Cameras Ursula reported that the date for the CET funding had passed but would like the subject to be tabled closer to the next funding round in May. Discussion was held around the Community Trust and that they are the funding branch of the community so it would need to be presented to them- also a second quote would be required.  Reuben to email James               Committee to consider a Community Trust Liason  
3 General Business 
  Covid Vaccine Clinic- Judy just found out this morning there was to be a pop up clinic at the hall tomorrow being Friday 26th November. They are discussing the option of a second pop up clinic maybe around Saturday 11th December- TBC Covid Preparedness was discussed- this is something that everyone needs to think about, there is a large element of personal responsibility to be prepared. There is information on MidCentral DHB page to help plan for such an event as having to isolate at home. Discussed the possibility of purchasing some oximeters for the community. Skip bin- Discussion around how we go about getting the skip bin we usually get for summer Beach Access- Judy brought up the missing road signs, said the surf club has been putting out cones to discourage people from parking along the no parking area. Denise has noticed there has been more people over the years using the car park. Thanks to MDC for this. Nigel asked about whether or not a second access point to the beach had been discussed. It has been talked about before and decided that it is hard enough for the council to keep up with keeping one entrance clear and safe let alone two. Horse Floats discussed as they are parking across car parks, horse poo being left around the place was also brought up. People in the village with no fixed abode were discussed, locals have noticed someone living in their car. There was also a camp in the council reserve, across from fire lane- this was on fire the day before. Pine Trees along Himatangi Beach Road- these trees are noted to be getting very tall and because of their age and density, there is a potential health and safety issue with trees falling across, or dropping branches onto the road. If that occurred, it could block the only access to and from the village, particularly in a major emergency event requiring evacuation. There is also the potential to cut off the power lines on the opposite side of the road, which would also effect the wider community. Investigation needs to determine what steps can be taken to mitigate the risk, including communication with the property owner. Phoenix Palm trees on council berm along Barling st remain. Penny has asked if these can be removed as they are a pest, this has been discussed previously. MDC Website has not got most recent detail in regards to the Community Committee, Judy asked if this could be updated. It was also discussed that the meeting minutes are available to view on here also, once the minutes have been confirmed as true and correct (so after the following meeting)   Community Website- Alice wanted to know if this is something the community wanted to keep. The current provider is stepping away from the business and he has been providing this service free of charge.   Communication strategy was discussed- the committee wants to be able to provide minutes and details around meeting to everyone in the community. We would like input from the community but how do we reach everyone. The Press has closed. A few options were discussed including, the Beach Store window, copies in the Cosmopolitan Club, and the Bowling Club, Facebook pages such as the Himatangi Hub and Committee page. A notice board was again discussed as an option to not only advertise meetings but as as a way to advertise events in the village, something similar to the Feilding notice board              Janine to talk to Wiremu     Judy to follow up               Janine to follow up                             Committee to think about nominating a social media person- to be in charge of getting info out.
3.1Surf Club ReportNil report 
3.2Fire Brigade ReportHonours Evening was held recently where we honoured our members and their service to FENZ. Judy reminded all that it is getting dry out there and if you see smoke please call 111, early intervention is the key. 
3.3Community Patrol ReportNil report 
4 Council Matters 
  Stuart Campbell gave an update on the following: Mangaweka Bridge- developments are continuing Feilding Little Theatre- it has been decided the theatre will be repaired. Feilding Library- Renovations are about to start, this is a big project that has been in the line for a while Feilding waste water-Contracted to spread waste into the proposed wet lands, so it will not go into any of the rivers. Three Waters – Council hasn’t given up, they are 100% opposed, Palmerston North has voted for 3 Waters.   Janine Hawthorn gave an update on the following: Environmental Strategy- there is information gone out in the most recent newsletter. Public meetings will be held in February 2022. 
5 Any Other Business 
 Meeting Closed Next Meeting8.45 pm 16 December 2021 at 7.00 pm