Himatangi Beach Community Committee Meeting

Thursday, 26th May 2022 at 7.00 pm

Himatangi Beach Community Hall

Present: Judy Howatson (Chair and Representative of HBVFB), Alice Ebrey (Secretary), Helen Falkner, John Hodder, Sylvia Kavanagh, Lauretta Wallace

In Attendance: Moush Bush (Chair of Community Trust), Alec MacKay (Chair of PNSLSC), Dave Jack (Chair of Community Patrol)

In Attendance MDC: Councillor Stuart Campbell, Janine Hawthorn

Apologies: Nigel Barker (Trustee of Himatangi Beach Community Trust/Committee), Ursula Clarke (Committee), Kevin Keliher (Committee)

No.Item Action (who)
1 Procedural Matters 
1.1WelcomeWelcome to those that are present Condolences to Tricia Sanders and family Congratulations to Ebrey family on new arrival 
1.2Present/ApologiesThose present noted as above and apologies taken 
1.3Confirmation of Minutes from the Previous meetingMinutes from the previous Himatangi Beach Community Committee meeting held on 28th April 2022 read and amendments made as per below. New Evacuation PointThe Wines no longer exists and the new evacuation point is Te Kawau Recreation Centre in Rongotea. The lack of community consultation regarding the new evacuation point was discussed. Members present felt Oroua Downs School was a much more relevant meeting point in an emergency   Judy/Sylvia   
1.4CorrespondenceInwards: Emails: Wiremu- Recycling Centre Moush – Enquiring about community webpage Helen Worboys – Latest Media Release on 3 Waters pushback (attached) Stacey – MDC update Brent Albert – NZDF, Military Exercise at beach 14th & 15th June   Outwards: Emails: Wiremu- Recycling Centre follow up Janine- Community Committee Project Form. Community Committee Forum Zayne (Cossie Club Pres)- Follow up on AED email Denise – Army info onto Sandpaper. Alice/Reuben   
1.5Matters Arising Sewage malfunctions at Public Toilets response given, Surely a heavier duty pump that can handle anything put down the toilets would still be cheaper than constant callouts. Signage Review –Freedom Camping signs placed around the community- Thanks James- MDC Still wanting 30km signs- Total fire ban signs will be put up before Christmas Footpath Maintenance/ Sand removal – Footpath along Koputara looks amazing, Thanks MDC Stormwater issues – ongoing Council upgrade 2023 Drain outside surfclub/hall blocked. Communication Strategy – Completed and sent out with April minutes Himatangi Beach Road/Pinetrees – Letter sent April, Judy followed up with Council this week. Email response they have consulted with land owner and an arborist, they believe there is no issue and they will manage the risk, the documents are on file for any future issues. Recycling Centre– Ongoing- the current set up is still being trialled, the recycling can go in any slot as it gets sorted in Feilding. How long is the trial going to be? We are reasonably happy with this set up, with some fine tuning, new signage, opening up the other side of recycling, pushing the bins back against fence.      Judy to take photo of hidden 30km onto beach     MDC       Judy to email Wiremu
2 Items for Approval/Information 
2.1Finances  Balance of the Himatangi Beach Community Committee Project Fund for 2021/22 is $3,000.00.   Events Board- Colyton/ Rongotea- Lions Club    Stuart to look into it Judy to email Kevin
2.2Community PlanPlan available on MDC website Will attach PDF to minutesPlease have a look at the plan, we can start working towards one project
2.3Community ProjectsProgress on projects (what’s been completed, what’s been planned, timeline, issues, action) PlaygroundLevelling started, wants the grass area to be slightly longer, flying fox removed as it had reached the end of its usable lifespan and had started rusting, other items removed to be fixed/replaced, has purchased some new equipment to be installed, BMX track refresher, volley ball area ongoing Skate Park–  ongoing – trying to get hold of guy doing skate park Security Cameras –  ongoing, a subcommittee has been formed including all local clubs and anyone else who would like to be involved. They have got a valid quote. Discussions with the Police and working towards getting the cameras. New bank account opened with money for cameras. Memorial AreaLooking at a possible area- looking for ideas, ask Cossie Club what they felt about holding ANZAC service. 
3 General Business 
  Army exercise Letter from NZDF shared and discussed, will try put up copies is Cossie Club and shop window. Shared on the hub- Thanks Denise W. Water/ Sewage leak along Koputara Road Reuben to investigate further in regards to a leak. Horse poo stall/box to collect An idea was discussed about whether or not a box somewhere in the village for horse owners to put their horse poo, that was then available to locals to take and use as manure on their gardens. Stream/ Ocean Water Quality Alec went back to Horizons to find out if the Ocean water quality is due to the stream. Water sampling should be out of the plume of the stream. Horizons looking at more thorough testing in the stream Spikes when stream has high flow Volunteer Recognitions Need to be in by July 31st                     
3.1Surf Club ReportDiscussions about ongoing support from PNCC Water Safety- discussions ongoing due to summer drownings in river. We have a beach education programme, whether or not we look at doing a river safety programme. National issue which needs to be addressed. 
3.2Fire Brigade ReportUnattended fires on the beach will become an issue as we come into winter. There is a report in Sandpaper 
3.3Community Patrol ReportDedicated phone for patrol 027 221 9415- which will be carried by Dave or someone else on Patrol 77 hours of patrolling Covid RATs available on request Looking at getting more warning signs, currently only one sign for beach entrance 
3.4Community Trust ReportThe Trust have just got a very high water rates bill, wondering why so high. We will trial turning off urinals while no-one using hall and see if they are the issue. Query if there is a leak somewhere. Alec mentioned that the surf club had the same issue and discovered a leak in the outside shower, which was fixed and made all the difference. Wondering how they are going to pay for such a large bill- around $1500 
4 Council Matters 
  Mangaweka Bridge now opened. Waste Management plan is now closed. Generally, fairly supportive of plans Carnarvon Hall- was up for demolition, someone had been living there and refused to leave- contractors unable to proceed.     
  Any Other Business New emergency point discussed, MoE have said that they don’t want schools to be used as it is important in major events for children to get back to normal ASAP, which means returning to school. Community Patrol are contact for the Civil Defence. Members unsure of Civil Defence Plan.         Invite Geoff and Ally to a meeting
 Meeting Closed   Next MeetingMeeting closed 2034   23rd  June 2022    In Surf Club