Himatangi Beach Community Committee Meeting

Thursday, 27 January 2022 at 7.00 pm

Himatangi Beach Community Hall

Present: Judy Howatson (Chair and Representative of HBVFB), Alice Ebrey (Secretary), Nigel Barker, Ursula Clarke, Reuben Ebrey, Helen Faulkner, John Hodder, Sylvia Kavanagh

In Attendance: Michelle Bush (Representative of Himatangi Community Trust), Debbie Edwards, Steve Laing, Carol Miller, Nigel Miller, Russel Nel, Tricia Sanders, Ron Sanders, Chelle Withham, Vanessa Woods, Richard Woods

In Attendance MDC: Mayor Helen Worboys, Councillor Stuart Campbell

Apologies: Liz Doody (Committee), Penny Harrington, Janine Hawthorn (MDC), Kevin Kelliher (Committee), Marisa McGrath, Alec McKay, Chris & Brian Rosvall, Alison Scott, Lauretta Wallace

9pm Michelle, Chelle, Reuben, Helen, Ursula left- Apologies

9.20pm Deb, Carol and Nigel left- Apologies

No.Item Action (who)
1 Procedural Matters 
1.1Welcome  Vaccine Passes were checked on entry and attendees were directed to scan in, be seated with social distancing and keep face masks on during the meeting. Judy Howatson opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. Thanks given to the community and to the council for a great Summer period. There was some great communication over this period. 
1.2Present/ApologiesApologies from Alec McKay, Brian & Chris Rosvall, Alison Scott, Penny Harrington, Lauretta Wallace, Liz Doody, Marisa McGrath, Janine Hawthorn. 
1.3Confirmation of Minutes from the Previous meetingMinutes from the previous Himatangi Beach Community Committee meeting held on 16 December 2021 read and correct with no amendments. John/Reuben   
1.4CorrespondenceInwards: Emails From Sarah Stewart, Mayor Helen Worboys, Ian McKelvie Re: Beach Traffic. From Wiremu Re: Recycling centre From Stuart/Hamish Re: No stopping signs From James Re: Phoenix Palms From Chris Re: Overgrown properties. From Paul Cannell/ Foxton police Re: traffic on beach Judy also met with Paul to discuss Community    concerns From Brian Pinker Re: Rongotea Lions Waitangi Day Gala Cancelled. From Michelle Community Trust Chair From Penny Harrington Re: Barling St From Kathy Re: Barling St   Outwards: Emails To Sarah Stewart/ Mayor Helen Worboys/ MoP Re: Issues on the beach, speeding, unregistered vehicles To Michelle- Community Trust Chair To Stuart Re: No stopping signs To Chris/Compliance Team Re: overgrown properties To James Re: Phoenix Palms To Janine Re: Barling St Speed Bumps/ Beach Entrance To Hamish Re: follow up about signs   Sylvia/Alice     
1.5Matters ArisingRoad repairs Himatangi Beach Roadongoing Potholes have been filled in No stopping signs at beach entranceongoing Email contact again with the infrastructure team Mayor Helen reported that signs and reflectors have been ordered and have arrived today and roading are looking at having them in place next week.
Bollard reflectorsongoing as above
Stormwater issuesongoing- General Business
Pine Treesongoing
Security Camerasemailed Trust Chair to put forward idea for Trust to initiate fundin
Community TrustNigel to become a Liaison, Michelle emailed and introduced Nigel as Liaison via email.
Communication Strategydraft of strategy being discussed
Community Websitepart of the strategy being discussed
Speeding on the BeachCommittee wrote a letter to the Area Commander, include Mayor and Member of Parliament- completed Roading Team, also in charge of replacing 30km signs
Overgrown PropertiesEmail sent to Compliance Team, FENZ online form filled
MDC- Roading Team     MDC- Roading Team     MDC- Roading Team MDC- Roading Team MDC- Roading Team   Alice to add Draft to minutes- looking for feedback from community. Discuss within committee post next meeting   MDC- Roading Team   Community members to report any issues through the appropriate avenues
2 Items for Approval/Information 
2.1Finances  Janine away. Nil update Balance of the Himatangi Beach Community Committee Project Fund for 2021/22 is $3,000.00   
2.2Community PlanTo be reviewed at the February meeting. 
2.3Community Projects  Tennis Court – Sealing completed, fencing up in place. Lots of use over summer. Huge thanks to MDC, beautification of railway iron net posts TBC
Toilet Block Upgrade – Partitions up, newly painted, Thanks again to MDC
Notice Board – Has moved to the front of the hall. The key is at the holiday park if you want to put an event in the notice board. Contact info@himatangibeachholidaypark.co.nz
Skate Park – Still awaiting new contractor
Security Cameras– ongoing, requires funding application
Playground Upgrade – ongoing, if any new ideas for new equipment please get in contact with the Committee.
MDC- Parks & Reserves           Trust & Committee    
3 General Business 
  AED – Defibrillator St Johns has offered an AED to be placed in a central location. Foyer of Cossie Club has been confirmed as the place to put due to high traffic, and centralised location for the village. Members of the meeting agreed.
Sewage malfunctions @ public toilets Question asked, is the pump suitable for purpose? Multiple calls to flashing lights, especially when increased numbers at the beach. Multiple calls this summer, at one point sewage holding tank was overflowing onto ground. Would it be more cost effective to have a better pump that breaks down less. Contractors very quick to respond to issues- thanks for that.
Safe dog park To be discussed at next months meeting by Lauretta
Acacia Tree by surf club shed down Fire Lane Overgrown tree Recycling Centre Feedback from community Slots are too high. Slots are too narrow. Can glass colours be mixed, would save space if they are just getting mixed where ever they end up. Fly tipping increased- can report fly tipping, if names, address present etc. Rec Services are doing a great job managing the safety issues arising from broken glass. Green waste discussed- not an option. Community member emailed council and his personal information was passed onto the contractors, query a breach of privacy, not happy. Schedule could be better for pickups over busy periods i.e. not leaving half full glass bits before busy weekends. Contractors at times have left a mess, specifically the glass contractors. Was a great job this year, much better than previous years.  
Beach Skip abuse – Huge skip bin delivered this year. Maybe a sign to say what it for to reduce people fly tipping in there. Rubbish on the beach was better this year than previous years   Thanks to Carol & Nigel for their daily picking up of rubbish on the beach  
Security Cameras Discussed the cameras, looking at multiple sites, looking at entrance/exit as well as possibly recycling centre. Funding has never been applied for, we are hoping that we can work together with Community Trust and Community Patrol to get this sorted. Nigel and the Trust to meet at some point in the near future   Footpath maintenance/sand removal The question was asked- How does the sand removal process work? There was a car stuck in the sand that had built up in front of the Cossie Club. Footpaths covered in sand; only small section have been cleared over summer. Can we get a schedule of footpath maintenance/ clearance of sand build up? Hunia Terrace also covered in sand query if this may affect pump.  
Hunia Terrace pump maintenance  Once again there was flooding in Hunia Terrace Can we get a maintenance schedule for the pump? Is there one? Or is it wait until it breaks and then fix it. Council response to sink hole on Hunia Terrace very speedy- Thanks for that. It was noted that there was a blockage at the discharge point- overgrown area   Council will be doing an upgrade of stormwater in the village 2023  
Signage review New ‘No camping signs’ for areas of frequent freedom campers ie Hunia Terrace, Fire Lane, Reserve, beside health centre, beach. ? a sign at the entrance to state no freedom camping in the village. No stopping signs/ no parking signs along beach entrance. Could we have a tow away sign. There needs to be a consequence for people parking there. Who do we call to report people parked in the no stopping area? Discussion around developing our own signs- can only advise if we were to put one of our own up, would have to look into what we can and can’t do legally.   Freedom camping at 3 mile creek over Summer noted-  DoC notified   Where does the council responsibility start and end in regards to the beach access road?   Bigger 30km signs and more along the beach to Foxton and Tangimoana Suggestion of 30km speed limit on local streets. Wylie road speed limit discussed. Bigger total fire ban signs  
Barling St speed humps Question put forward; do we want speed humps? Council have done surveys on the road and the volume of use does not allow it to be widened at this stage, there are roads in the Manawatu that have more traffic and need to be rectified sooner. Discussion had, for and against speed humps. The issue that was originally put forward to council was that that road edges were crumbling and it is not wide enough to cater the traffic according to locals. It was decided that because there was no clear solution available to us at this point, we would park this topic for now (approximately 3 months), until we have better reach within the community, specifically those that use Barling Street. Once we have sorted our Communication Strategy and developed a strong following, we will then re ask for a vote. This will be put in the agenda prior to the meeting. We will look at putting forward a submission for the widening of Barling St when MDC open up submissions for the next Long-Term Plan- if this is something the community feels is important.  
Beach Entrance – Meeting ran late so was ended before addressing this.  
            MDC- Stuart to follow up/ Infrastructure Team   Lauretta   Reuben to email MDC- Parks & Reserves     MDC- Wiremu                           HBCC- To reassess how this can be done better prior to next Summer             Community Trust, Committee and Patrol             MDC – Can we get a schedule or plan as to how it is decided to come out and clear paths.           MDC- Infrastructure Team               MDC – Roading Team       MDC- Roading Team           MDC         FENZ
3.1Surf Club ReportNil report 
3.2Fire Brigade ReportPlease call 111 for unattended fires on the beach if they are a danger to people or property 
3.3Community Patrol ReportNil report 
4 Council Matters 
  Nil report due to time constraints. 
5 Any Other Business 
 Meeting Closed Next Meeting2130 Thursday 24th February 2022 February meeting will be primarily a Community Planning meeting. The aim will be to have minimal General Business- only things that need to be sorted and discussed.Alice to book Hall