Himatangi Beach Community Committee Meeting

Thursday, 24 February 2022 at 7.00 pm

Himatangi Beach Community Hall

Present: Judy Howatson (Chair and Representative of HBVFB), Alice Ebrey (Secretary), Nigel Barker (Trustee of Himatangi Beach Community Trust), Reuben Ebrey, Helen Faulkner, Kevin Kelliher, Lauretta Wallace

In Attendance: Michelle Bush (Representative of Himatangi Beach Community Trust), Tricia Sanders, Ron Sanders

In Attendance MDC: Councillor Stuart Campbell, Janine Hawthorn (MDC)

Apologies: Denise Bush, Ursula Clarke (Committee), Liz Doody (Committee), Debbie Edwards, Penny Harrington, John Hodder (Committee), Sylvia Kavanagh (Committee), Marisa McGrath, Carol Miller, Nigel Miller, Alison Scott.

No.Item Action (who)
1 Procedural Matters 
1.1Welcome  Vaccine Passes were checked on entry and attendees were directed to scan in, be seated with social distancing. 
1.2Present/ApologiesApologies from Ursula Clarke. Penny Harrington. Denise Bush. Liz Doody. Alison Scott. Rene & Renee Van der Weert. Deb Edwards. Marisa McGrath. Nigel & Carol Miller. John Hodder. Sylvia Kavanagh. 
1.3Confirmation of Minutes from the Previous meetingMinutes from the previous Himatangi Beach Community Committee meeting held on 27 January 2022 read and correct with no amendments. Helen/ Reuben   
1.4CorrespondenceInwards: Emails: From Janine Re: Council and operations during Red Traffic Light System From Wiremu Re: In response to feedback From St Johns Re: AED From HBCP Re: Security Cameras From Community Members Re: Feedback From Nigel Barker Re: Joining the Trust/Security Cameras From Stacey Eagle Re: update on community issues     Outwards: Email: To Wiremu with feedback from Community re: Recycling Centre To James re: Acacia Tree Alice/Helen     
1.5Matters ArisingSewage malfunctions at Public Toiletsongoing- haven’t heard any response to questions asked
Acacia Tree end of Fire Lane – Completed with Thanks
Recycling Centre ongoing- this is a work in progress. Glass bottles need to be separated. Community members have noticed that the area has not been up kept of late, with no green glass container and bins becoming full with recycling left on the ground.
Signage Review – ongoing 30km signs were apparently replaced prior to Christmas 2021 and then removed again by unknown persons. 30km sign at beach entrance should suffice
No stopping signs – Completed with Thanks In response to questions asked about who is responsible for that section of beach entrance- the official council road ends at the surf club
Bollard Reflectors – Completed with Thanks
Footpath Maintenance/ Sand removal – ongoing The Mayor is in discussion with Hamish over the long standing issues regarding infrastructure/roading/stormwater. Stormwater drains are checked on a as required and kerbed roads are swept regularly.
Stormwater issues – ongoing Council upgrade 2023 Pumps and sumps are being checked regularly; MDC are working with neighbours in the Hunia Terrace area to monitor pump. Pump outlet is not blocked Upgrade to Stormwater is planned 2023
Security Cameras- ongoing Committee, Trust & Patrol Nigel now a Trustee of Himatangi Beach Community Trust, he is currently looking into Security Cameras and hoping to find a solution. He has registered with funding groups.
Communication Strategy – awaiting feedback from community, will include again with Feb minutes, feedback to be discussed in March meeting.
MDC         Reuben to contact Wiremu                                 HBCT HBCP HBCC       HBCC
2 Items for Approval/Information 
2.1Finances  Balance of the Himatangi Beach Community Committee Project Fund for 2021/22 is $3,000.00. $10,000 carried forward from previous years to go towards the development of the tennis courts and skate park. Should be spent this year on the Skate Park 
2.2Community PlanThose that attended the meeting discussed the 2015 Community Plan under the guidance of Janine We reviewed the vision and amended it as required, then went through the three action plans and amended as required. Janine will provide the amended version for next month’s meeting. Thanks, Janine, for all you support through this process.MDC- Janine
2.3Community ProjectsN/A 
3 General Business 
3.1Surf Club ReportN/A 
3.2Fire Brigade ReportN/A 
3.3Community Patrol ReportN/A 
4 Council Matters 
  Councillor Stuart Campbell gave a brief update in regards to Consultation of Representation of Councillors; Rural, Urban and Maori wards. 
5 Any Other Business 
 Meeting Closed   Next Meeting9pm. Due to time constraints and our focus on the Community Plan, sections of the general meeting were not discussed, these have N/A next to them. Thursday 24th March 2022 7pm    Alice to book Hall   Helen to fill secretary next month if Alice unavailable.