Himatangi Beach Community Committee Meeting

Thursday, 16 December 2021 at 7.00 pm

Himatangi Beach Community Hall

Present: Nigel Barker, Reuben Ebrey, Alice Ebrey, Helen Faulkner, Lauretta Wallace, Judy Howatson, Sylvia Kavanagh, John Hodder, Alison Scott, Renee van der Weert, Deb Edwards, Denise Bush, Marie Wilton, Marisa McGrath, Tricia Sanders, Ron Sanders, Kevin Kelliher

Apologies: Alec MacKay, Ursula Clark, Janine Hawthorn, Rene van der Weert (arrived 1922hr), Liz Doody, Chris Rosvall, Michelle Bush

Also in attendance: Councillor Stuart Campbell

No.Item Action (who)
1 Procedural Matters 
1.1Welcome  Judy opened the meeting and introduced the present committee members to the community members present. 
1.2Present/ApologiesJanine, Alec, Michelle, Ursula & Rene emailed in their apologies Liz Doody Apologies from the floor: Chris Rosval 
1.3Confirmation of Minutes from the Previous meetingMinutes from the previous Himatangi Beach Community Committee meeting held on 26 November 2021 read and has two amendments as follows: Pine Trees along Himatangi Beach Road- these trees are noted to be getting very tall and because of their age and density, there is a potential health and safety issue with trees falling across, or dropping branches onto the road. If that occurred, it could block the only access to and from the village, particularly in a major emergency event requiring evacuation. There is also the potential to cut off the power lines on the opposite side of the road, which would also effect the wider community. Investigation needs to determine what steps can be taken to mitigate the risk, including communication with the property owner. Community Patrol would like ‘Security Cameras’ amended as they did not put forward the proposal to CET so therefore did not miss the date for application. Reuben/ Rene                     
1.4CorrespondenceInwards: Emails: From Janine- confirming MDC website updated – confirming Meeting with Wiremu- completed.  – Barling street widening issue   From Michelle Bush- Chair of Community Trust -AGM for Community Trust all invited Jan 30th @ 11am   Outwards: Emails: To Janine (fwd Roading Team) – Sharing Local Government Act 1974 showing council can require land owners to remove trees causing injury to road. To James – Discussing Tennis Court and poles   Alice /Helen     
1.5Matters ArisingRoad widening of Barling St– To be brought up again next meeting, widening not an option until 2024-2027 Committee had originally voted to not accept speed bumps and instead push for widening road and speed bumps. Recycling centre expansion– Meeting with Wiremu completed -Wiremu has arranged for the bins to be rearranged on Tuesday 21st December. Rec Services have also been asked to keep an eye on the glass and help with keeping the area clean. Road repairs Himatangi Beach Road– Judy emailed Janine-Roading aware and is ongoing No stopping signs at beach entrance – ongoing Discussion re: 30km speed signs, can we have them facing the right way. Any chance of having 5km signs around entrance? Bollard reflectors– ongoing- roading aware Stormwater issues – Janine emailed (spoke with) Hamish and Mayor Helen. Wiremu in discussion with Roading Manager – looking at upgrade 2023. Flooding spots of concern: Himatangi St/Rangitane St, Rangitane st/Koputara Rd, Hunia terrace/Te Kiri St Covid Vaccine Clinic  – only a few took up the offer Skip Bin- Wiremu has arranged – Bin is in place in front of the surf club. Please note this bin is not for locals to dump household waste. There is a bulk rubbish collection on January 8th. Pine Trees– Judy followed up, sent correspondence to Janine and forwarded it on to roading team. Currently investigating. Nigel has declared a potential conflict of interest and would like it to be noted that he will not contribute to any discussion or decision making in regards to this topic. Phoenix Palm Trees– James has discussed with land owner MDC Website– updated                Judy   Roading Team    
2 Items for Approval/Information 
2.1Finances  Janine not present. Balance of the Himatangi Beach Community Committee Project Fund for 2021/22 is $3,000.00. To think of ideas of possible community projects that this could go towards    Community Members/Community Committee Members
2.2Community PlanTo be reviewed at the February meeting. 
2.3Community Projects  Tennis Court-  has been resealed, awaiting lines and fence to be reinstalled Toilet Block Upgrade– There have been other issues with the block of recent times. Upgrade ongoing. Notice Board– Discussion held with James about putting this in a more user-friendly place- discussed the option for it to be moved to outside the Community Hall. Skate Park– James has notified us of delay in this project due to the original contractors updated delayed timeframe, a new contractor is being sought. Security Cameras– Community Patrol would like the Community Committee to liaise with the Community Trust to see if we can get this project through to the next stage. Playground Upgrade – coming soon, if any new ideas for new equipment please get in contact with the Committee.Reuben to follow up with James                  
3 General Business 
  Security Cameras Stuart mentioned that the Council may be able to underwrite the funds if we can get the ECT funding for the cameras. There needs to be a second quote in order to get funding which is proving difficult as it is a specific project. There other communities that have managed to get CET funding for security cameras- Email Janine and the following community committees (Cheltenam/Rangiwahia/Kimbolton) Discussion about applying for funding and how this is done. Proposed that the Committee ask the Trust to initiate funding  Nigel/Kevin     Community Trust-looking at how to better communication between the committee and the Trust- Nigel to become a Liaison. Email Michelle and introduce Nigel as Liaison. Alison Scott from the Trust will attend our meetings as a liaison from the Trust.   Communication Strategy – Ursula has offered to draft together a strategy Community Website– Ursula to look into this as part of her Communication Strategy.   Speeding on the Beach– appears to be getting worse. Community Patrol- Stated there is no funding, there is an increase in unregistered vehicles on the beach, making it hard for the patrol to report on them. They have no enforcement, can only observe and report to Police. Only one 4wd police vehicle in the area- has been based in Levin for the last 3 months. Recent ATV accident requiring multiple emergency services The Community Committee would like to encourage locals to call Police 111 for any unruly behaviour. A local said it has been like this for years and years, its not a new thing, every Summer it’s the same. Suggestion that the Committee write a letter to the Area Commander with all of the community concerns re speeding on beach. Include Mayor and Member of Parliament.

Overgrown Properties -There are concerns about a few properties in the village being over grown. Tabled a pamphlet from council. Addresses of these properties to be provided to report to Council Burnt out House in Hunia Terrace not asbestos, has young teens playing in it, also overgrown, health and safety concern- previously minuted. Compliance Officers discussed by Stewart and their roles in the community. Seats outside takeaways have nails loose- shop owns these, this will be brought to the attention of the owner. Lyn wants to thank whoever it was that finished off the weeding out front of The Beach Shop. She started the weeding there but was unable to finish the job and someone kindly completed it for her. Thank You.  
                          Alice     Ursula                         Nigel   John             Community Member
3.1Surf Club ReportAlec sent his apologies but passed on the below message. Volunteer patrols started last weekend and regional guards (Monday to Friday) start next week and go through to the end of January. Weekend patrols go through to the end of February   
3.2Fire Brigade ReportOne more training and then they will be on break until late January. Although not off duty. Fireman’s football will be happening January 2nd 2022 under the covid framework. Still looking for another recruit to join in with the most recently joined recruit. The two latest recruits have passed their 7 day course and are now firefighters. 
3.3Community Patrol ReportNovember Report Thanks to JD & Murray Wild and Chris & Brian Rosvall for the Himatangi Beach Press and all the work they have done for the community Monthly report to Community Committee, Community Trust, Patrol Facebook Page and in person to Police Liasion. Henry has left but welcomed Aroha and Andrew Covid19 Framework- We have joined the Essential Wellbeing Volunteer Organisation and will be able to provide support for any of those who are in the village isolating at home with Covid 19 Stats for November reported on. Looking for volunteers if anyone interested contact Rene and/or Renee 
4 Council Matters 
  Flooding in Feilding– elements of flooding everywhere, mainly parts of Feilding. Reu Reu road is cut off- looking at how to repair. Emergency response team was activated a few times over the last few days. Only one council flat was evacuated. Three Waters– Mayor Helen and others went to lobby at parliament against the three waters. Met separately with National, Act, Greens, Mahuta- Labour. They received support from the other three parties but Labour not budging at this stage. Mangaweka Bridge due to open end of January Waste water Centralisation Project still under way. Resource Recovery Centre Council Break- no meetings in January 
5 Any Other Business 
 Meeting Closed Next Meeting2026hrs January 27th 2022Alice to book Hall