Himatangi Beach Community Committee Minutes

Wednesday 15th August 2018 at 7.30 pm

Himatangi Beach Community Hall

Present: Marty O’Fee (Chair), Reuben Ebrey (Minute taker), Brian Rosvall., Sylvia Kavannagh, Sue Smith , and Zane Ryan

In Attendance:  Councillor Howard Voss, Renee van de Weert, Amanda Compton & Damien Buckley

No. Item   Action (who)
1   Chair welcomed everyone to meeting  
1.1 Apologies Apologies were received from Chris Rosvall, Brian Pinker, Councillor Phil Marsh and Alec MacKay.

That the apologies be accepted.

Moved;   Reuben       Seconded: Brian

1.2 Confirmation of Minutes  That the minutes from the previous meeting held on
3rd July 2018 be accepted as a true and correct record.

Moved:  Sylvia         Seconded: Brian

1.3 Matters Arising Nil  
1.4 Correspondence Inwards:

·         Money Mates information sessions to be held in September. Free to locals.

·         Emails from Wayne re Norwoods staff participating in projects in the village.


·         Nil





2 General Business Post Office Noticeboard . Only to be used for Community notices.

Norwoods Volunteer Day on 21st August for doing work around village. Volunteers very welcome to assist.

Money Mates Programme for locals

Amanda would like a digital copy of this.

CC format for future meetings

Agreed to keep same dates and will discuss forming sub committees at next meeting.

Community Award

George Annear & Catherine Brown will receive their award for community service at a ceremony at the MDC next month. Congratulations to them both.

Creek Direction  / Log removal from stream

Logs have been removed and stacked to protect sand dunes.

Holiday Park Award – Congratulations to Alice & Reuben for winning the AA Award. Well deserved.

Dune Welfare

Planting on dunes to commence in the near future. Peter Shore to oversee the clearing and planting and has requested the communities assistance to help protect this valuable asset. More below – refer sub-committee reports
















2.2 Finances Entranceway Design

Balance $10,135.50

Information Board

$3,000.00 aside for this project.

BBQ Area

Balance $10,920.00

Account to be passed for payment                         Silvester Clark – revision of plans = $458.75             Proposed Marty, Seconded Reuben, to pay account. Approved.

Proposed Reuben and seconded Sue Smith that we contact MDC with a proposal to transfer funds from BBQ area, in order to make up the shortfall in the entranceway funding.

If approved, it was proposed by Marty and seconded by Brian that Dwyer Tech Services quote for $13,984.00 be accepted and account paid so the Entranceway project can be completed.                               Approved.







2.2 Community Plan Subcommittee Reports Dune Welfare

Peter Shore from the MDC is currently attending to some concerning blowouts in the dunes and is planning a planting programme of marram grass to prevent further damage. There will be aerial fertilizer applied to the planted area and spinifex will be planted at a later date as the plants become available. The council is looking into long term solutions for the issues in the dunes.

Patrol Garage

The Patrol are having trouble organising the construction of the garage and it was suggested that we discuss this with Janine regarding getting assistance from MDC and getting it organised as the Patrol is in breach of Insurance and their agreement with the Police by not garaging their vehicle.


Re-pricing to use different materials for structure approved.

BBQ Area

The BBQ will be installed within the next month and operational. Trust is applying for grant from Pelorus Trust for funding towards a shelter to go over the BBQ.




3 Council Matters    
3.1 Councillor Update


Councillor Howard Voss reported that the current election process was incorrect as the number of councillors in the Northern and Southern wards are supposed to be plus/minus 10% of the population, which is not the case currently. To fix this issue the MDC is proposing to join the Northern and Southern wards into one, and have two wards of Feilding and Rural, instead of our three candidates that we can currently vote on. The council is seeking submissions on this.

The District Plan changes for outstanding natural features have gone through which will offer protection to natural areas of significance including the beach and fore dunes. The rural subdivisions proposal has been put on hold as there has now been a government plan that may affect it that will be released in April 2019.

MDC is having a strategy workshop that will discuss the future of the district which will highlight the challenges in the community such as our aging population.

The re-cycling providers have made a report of how many times they have attended to removing recycling from our recycling centre. The numbers quoted were considered by our committee to be over inflated and not reflected In the way the recycling centre is managed.

Our Patrol has been asked to keep an eye on it and to report back on their findings.













David McMillan

3.2 Other Matters Community Market

The community market organised by Amanda was a success with 25 Stall holders, 6 food trucks and a not-for-profit salad bar that collected donations for the community.

There is a possibility of another similar market to be held in March 2019 with the future goal of having markets during periods when there are no other markets held in the area.






  Meeting Closed

Next Meeting


Wednesday 12th September 2019