Himatangi Beach Community Committee Meeting

Thursday, 28th April 2022 at 7.05 pm

Himatangi Beach Community Hall

Present: Judy Howatson (Chair and Representative of HBVFB), Alice Ebrey (Secretary), Ursula Clarke, John Hodder, Kevin Kellher, Lauretta Wallace

In Attendance: Denise Bush, Dave Jack (Representative of HBCP), Steve Liang, Marisa McGrath, Alec MacKay (Representative of PNSLSC), Ron Sanders, Tricia Sanders, Colin Wallace, Rene van de Weert (Representative of HBCP), Renee van de Weert (Representative of HBCP)

In Attendance MDC: Councillor Stuart Campbell

Apologies: Nigel Barker (Trustee of Himatangi Beach Community Trust/Committee), Michelle Bush (Representative of Himatangi Beach Community Trust), Reuben Ebrey (Committee), Helen Falkner (Committee) Janine Hawthorn (MDC) Sylvia Kavanagh (Committee)

No.Item Action (who)
1 Procedural Matters 
1.1WelcomeFrom Chair – Judy Howatson 
1.2Present/ApologiesThose present noted as above and apologies taken 
1.3Confirmation of Minutes from the Previous meetingMinutes from the previous Himatangi Beach Community Committee meeting held on 24thMarch 2022 read and correct with no amendments. Judy/ John   
1.4CorrespondenceInwards: Emails: Janine Hawthorn (Replied)   Caroline Lockhart (replied  to and fwd on to Community)   James Adamson (Replied)   Aly Thompson- Neighbourhood Support (Replied)   Chelle Whitham via Community Trust   Concerned Resident   The Wheelers   Denise Bush   Stacey Eagle MDC   EOC Public (fwd Committee Members)   Peter Shore MDC   Community Patrol   Phone call: Nick West FENZ   Outwards: Email: Wiremu MDC   Nick West FENZ   Helen Worboys, Stuart Campbell, Hamish Waugh, Shayne Harris Alice/ John   
1.5Matters ArisingSewage malfunctions at Public Toiletsongoing- Contact person to follow up would be Hamish or Shayne
Recycling Centre ongoing- this is a work in progress. Contact Wiremu again as a follow up. Thanks to the Rec Services Team for cleaning up around the recycling centre *Please note there is Scrap Metal Recycling behind the Cosmopolitan Club Signage Review – ongoing James has asked about signage positions. James coming out on the May 3rd 10am meeting outside playground. Talked about Freedom camping bylaw and how there was a bylaw review where they asked for submissions in 2020. The community committee put forward a submission in favour of the bylaw. Locals still unhappy about there being no 30km signs on the beach.
Footpath Maintenance/ Sand removal – ongoing Council came in prior to ANZAC and cleared in front of Cosmopolitan Club and Dairy- Thank you But areas missed – opposite camp 23-25 Koputara Road -from 5 Hunia Terrace through to phone box. Diggers have caused  damage to footpaths during clearing on Hunia Terrace, maybe an alternative tool be used – shovel was suggested. Stormwater issues – ongoing Council upgrade 2023 Upgrade to Stormwater is planned 2023
Pine Trees – awaiting official response Stuart had a response, not of any particular risk, no worse than any other tree in any other town/village in the district. Community again asked the question of how many of those other trees are on a only entry/exit to a village. Will await written response
Security Cameras- ongoing- nil update available Communication Strategy – Committee discussed and altered prior to meeting, with people nominated to start filling particular roles. Final will be attached to minutes.
MDC     MDC         MDC           MDC       MDC   MDC   MDC     HBCC
2 Items for Approval/Information 
2.1Finances  Balance of the Himatangi Beach Community Committee Project Fund for 2021/22 is $3,000.00. Nearing the end of the financial year, need to put in projects form for funding.HBCC
2.2Community PlanFinal was sent out with minutes from last month- Thanks Janine for your work on this.Resend to Ursula and Judy
2.3Community ProjectsProgress on projects (what’s been completed, what’s been planned, timeline, issues, action)
PlaygroundSoil has been delivered to level out playground
Skate ParkParts have been delivered
Security CamerasNil update available Patrol has received a donation from the Beach Press specifically for Security Cameras- Thank you very much for this Surf Club cameras have potential to assist with beach entrance/ exit. Discussed the security cameras for those that were not aware.
3 General Business 
  Horses-There has been an increase in horses in the village both from more people outside the village bringing horses on floats and people with horses in the village. Horse poo is regularly left on Koputara Road and around the surf club as well as out of control horses running through the village. Horse owners are not being responsible. Stuart mention that a roading bylaw would be coming up for review and maybe we could make a submission under this. Discussed educating horse owners to pick up after their animals Discussed the possibility of a designated horse area. Has been brought up in previous meetings but nil suitable spot.
Emergency Skills RegisterDiscussed- links as per below Emergency skills register – https://nsmanawatu.infoodle.com/form_process?g=055e7bd3-c294-4990-a473-785dc6dc32b8 Vulnerable persons register – https://nsmanawatu.infoodle.com/form_process?g=1bd99200-fb78-4772-ab80-7541b63c918b
New Evacuation PointThe Wines no longer exists and the new evacuation point is Te Kawau Recreation Centre in Rongotea. The lack of community consultation regarding the new evacuation point was discussed. Members present felt Oroua Downs School was a much more relevant meeting point in an emergency
Unsafe trees in the village – discussed the dangerous trees in the village, does appear the easiest solution is for private owners to remove trees as they can. It is a huge cost to home owners but something we must all consider as home owners.
Reserve – Thanks to MDC and contractors for doing such a great job with removing the silver poplar. Also, thanks to the locals who have been planting natives in the reserve.
Bridge – the power poles across the creek were removed as it wasn’t consented. The community would like a bridge, it was suggested that the committee put it into the long term plan. A rough estimate from a bridge building company was $50,000 for the most basic footbridge to $115,000 for a pretty wooden arch bridge. The person who put the power poles in place, asking why it was taken down and asking for support to put it back. The health and safety issues were discussed as well as the few incidents that have happened during the time it was in place. Teenagers lighting fires, homeless camping in the reserve on the other side, drunk man falling off bridge.
ANZAC service– a proper memorial place would be wonderful to have in the village, would need to have access to power. A flag pole, maybe some research if any soldiers from this village. Add it to the project form. Look at some area- to discuss next month
                Alice to send out email again with the links                
3.1Surf Club ReportAlec present, maintenance going on internally, they have replaced the heat pumps- MDC- Thank You! Light fittings etc They have had a door replaced. Difficulty getting onto beach- Alec in talks with James Beach was closed for 5 days over summer- due to enterococci. Stream often closed but struggling to understand why the beach has such high counts in the ocean. Maybe the sample is taken from the plume of the river. Reminded about a pre summer meeting. 
3.2Fire Brigade ReportLogan wanted to thank the community for the support given via the quiz night. Put him into the 4th highest individual amount fundraised 
3.3Community Patrol Report Dave Jack was introduced as new Co-ordinator of HBCP Report as per below As noted in the agenda, the Patrol has not held an official AGM since 2019. I will not dwell on the reasons for this – suffice to say; COVID-19, lockdowns, resignations and the ever-changing work/life demands on our personnel. Instead, the remaining Patrollers simply got on with the job of keeping the Patrol going. I cannot tell you how grateful I am personally for their hard work, enthusiasm and continued support of me and, even more so, of each other. They are a superb team (small but perfectly formed) and our community is lucky to have them. At the end of 2021, we welcomed two new patrollers and, just three months later, had to farewell them again when work opportunities drew them away to the bright lights of Wellington. On the plus side, also in February, we gained another three new patrollers; June, Jane and Alan, so we have had a net gain. I want to thank Marie and Murray Wilton of Property Brokers for their generous donations and continued support of the Patrol. We carry your name with pride along with Graphics HQ who provided the signage on our patrol vehicle. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Chris and Brian, Murray and especially, from the heart, J.D, whose passing tore a hole in the fabric of this village. After the Beach Press ceased publication, they donated $2,000 (+ $193.00 from various of their creditors) to the Patrol, ring-fenced specifically for the Himatangi Beach Crime Prevention Camera Project. Because of Covid19, Police and Civil Defence trainings, which are usually provided about twice a year, have not taken place but the patrol has worked through and around this, via our training manuals, experience and learning from each other. I look forward to the resumption of normal services as soon as possible. The patrol continues to have a good relationship with Police and to add value to Himatangi’s community by being the extra ‘eyes and ears’ of Police. Sergeant Paul Adrian of Foxton Police continues as our Police Liaison Officer. He has been supportive, accessible, willing to share information with the Patrol and we look forward to further strengthening our relationship with Police as time and Covid allows. From June 2021 to end of March 2022, Himatangi Beach Community Patrol has spent 731 hours patrolling and covered 5760 kilometres responding to the needs of our stakeholders; Police, MDC, Civil Defence and the community. We have recorded 26 incidents of wilful damage, 61 concerns relating to property, 38 relating to vehicles and 29 incidents involving Police. In the coming year, the Community Patrol will continue; To support the Himatangi Beach Community Committee and the Trust to get the Crime Prevention Cameras installed in the village; hopefully, linked to the Horowhenua CPCT system so our cameras can be monitored 24/7 at the Levin Police Station by trained observers. It is a fact that random CCTV cameras in community do little to prevent crime unless they are being properly monitored. To patrol in a pro-active manner in line with intel provided by police and community To recruit and welcome more members – all you need is a few hours free each month, be able to pass a Police check, have a clean driver’s licence, be able to complete on-line training, use a cell phone and learn to use a Police radio, and want to be part of a happy, supportive team – the application forms are here on the table. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our accountant, Bobbie O’Fee, who keeps a close eye on our finances within, though separate from, the Community Trust and provides our monthly and annual reports as a service to the Himatangi Community. As you will see in the Financial Report, our finances remain stable and, with the addition of funds raised or donated, we expect to continue the same level of patrolling and manage our ongoing costs. Once again, in closing, I’d like to thank all our patrollers for their hard work over the last couple of years and for their support of the incoming committee and our patrol for the coming year. René van de Weert Co-ordinator. 
3.4Community Trust Report  
4 Council Matters 
  Congratulations to Pinky and Community for a great ANZAC day service. Stuart attended and was very impressed Mangaweka Bridge due to open May 20th Speed limit changes around Feilding and Halcolme- many rural roads have dropped to 80kmph Drainage and trade waste bylaw- Feilding Draft waste minimalization Kerbside collection with bins instead of bags $120 bag vs $150 (fortnightly bin) Kerbside food waste (weekly) 30% of current waste is compostable $50 per year per property Kerbside recycling $120 per year per property   Go onto the MDC website and have your say open until May 10th Election Year – Stuart has been on for two terms, there are a few standing down, there will be some spots available. If anyone is interested in standing, or know of anyone look into it. 
  Any Other Business 
 Meeting Closed   Next MeetingMeeting closed 08:50pm   26th  May 2022